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We have the same feelings as fans too @JurassicCollect! This is the first time ever that the Hammond Cane has been offered for sale. It’s a 1:1 match to the original hero prop mold for the Cane shaft and amber gem top. Its also fitting that it’s almost the 25th anniversary of JP.


@paracollect @ChronicleLLC And I have to be honest - this image of 'Jurassic Park' logo'd boxes has made my day. Knowing there are LICENSED screen accurate prop replicas. For years I have made, commissioned and hunted for them and now they are 100% legitimate @paracollect @ChronicleLLC

Our Jurassic Park Chronicle Collectibles 1:1 John Hammond Cane has arrived. Quality Control inspectisns occurring now. More details coming in the next newsletter update this week! Check your inbox. Thank you everyone for your patience and pre-orders! We’ll take care of you ASAP!

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