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Also, we will be closed this weekend but will try to check our inboxes and continue to catch up. The next wave of pre-order shipments will go out this Monday. 😊

P.S. Now would be a good time (and the last chance!) to contact us if you need to change the shipping address on file for your order of the John Hammond Cane. Please have your order # ready & check the address listed in your account. Contact us at cs@paradisecollect.com for help!

For those who’ve received FedEx shipment notifications during the past 48 hours for the Hammond Cane: Please note that their tracking system doesn’t update in real time & tracking numbers may not be validated by the carrier yet. Rest assured the orders have shipped or will soon!

Thank you all for your continued patience during the Q/C process. I know that the wait was longer than anticipated and I want to personally thank everyone for being supportive and cooperative during this time. The Jurassic community is awesome! —Sincerely, Derek Zrncic, Founder.

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