We are a retailer of movie and entertainment-based products, including: collectibles, action figures, statues, props, posters, and more.

Paradise Collectibles (Est. 2017) was founded in the belief that pop culture shapes culture.

We share a passion for film and its ability to tell captivating stories that transcend generations. Collecting often allows you to bring home a piece of cinema history, making the intangible tangible. Every piece has a story and we love to tell it! We’re here to help fuel your passion by offering a wide selection of unique & high-end collectibles.

As collectors ourselves, we know what it feels like to go on the hunt for elusive artifacts and limited edition product releases. It is no fun to frantically press the refresh key with the hopes of locking in that soon-to-be rare and sold-out collectible. One of our goals is to make shopping easier and less stressful with open pre-order periods, quality assurance, and reliability. We work with some of the top names & talent in the industry to bring you stunning collectibles based on the biggest brands. Our love for franchises such as Jurassic Park and Star Wars is deep, as are our roots in the community.

Paradise Collectibles Group also strives to offer products at affordable and competitive pricing. We help design and bring exclusive products to market that would otherwise not be available. We offer innovative creative direction and make product investments for the long term.

Check our Exclusives page for more details and peruse through our Vintage Vault to see a small example of the what we have to offer!



Paradise Collectibles Group connects fans to exclusive, rare, and high-end products through the engagement of collectors and retailers alike. We aspire to refine your daily life by simplifying what it means to be a collector through affordable payment plans, flexible invoicing, easy pre-ordering, and more.

As collectors, industry experts, and artists ourselves, we invite you to ascend to the next level of collecting and join us on this exciting journey of wonder and nostalgia!



Our vision is to transcend fandom to a new era of collecting by offering exclusive and premier products focused around pop culture franchises and original properties.



Derek Zrncic (zern-sick) is a passionate pop culture geek who is obsessed with all things Jurassic Park. He is also an avid Jurassic collector and loves modern cinema. He started Paradise Collectibles Group to transform pop culture collecting and innovate the way businesses interact with fans. Derek is from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and enjoys what little free time he has by traveling, meeting fellow fans and collectors, and attempting to get more than six hours of sleep per day.



Creative Direction: Derek Zrncic

Branding: Nate Farro & Derek Zrncic

UX/UI & Graphic Design: Nate Farro Graphic Design

Special Thanks: Christopher Pugh & Jack De La Mare