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Welcome to Paradise Collectibles Group!

We’re extremely excited to share our infinite passion for film and pop culture as we continue to bring various sections of our website online. Please forgive us for the ongoing construction!

We’re here to bring you premiere collectibles from across the industry. Our Exclusive Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane prop replica by Chronicle Collectibles is just the start of the exciting things to come!

Currently, we are launching with a nice selection of high-end JURASSIC PARK products from Chronicle Collectibles, one of our key retail partners, located in the heart of Dallas, TX. They have set the new standard for quality and precision detail with their ground shaking Breakout T-Rex statue and The Lost World: Jurassic Park Stegosaurus maquette as prime examples. Both items are currently in stock in our store, but like the dinosaurs, they will soon become extinct as the final production units sell out! Chronicle Collectible’s first Jurassic product, 1:5 The Lost World Bull T-Rex Bust, sold out quickly last year.

Stay tuned for more updates soon as we have a special exclusive product announcement this week and some more updates coming in!


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